NBC has a lot of shows that will have everyone excited for many different reasons. Overall, the name of the game is diversity. 

First, there’s The Curse Of The Fuentes Women, which is created by Ugly Betty creator Silvio Horta. The show sounds like it’ll be in the vein of other American-made telenovelas, but it’s also very much a concept show in the sense that a large part of is magical. As Deadline states:

“When a magical and mysterious young man inexplicably emerges from the ocean, he breathes new passion into the lives of the Fuentes women – the beautiful but lonely Lola, her ailing mother Esperanza and troubled daughter Soledad.”

There’s also Love Is a Four Letter Word, created by TV writer and playright Diana Son. The show, states Deadline, will take on gender, race, and sexuality issues when “three diverse copules put modern marriage to the test.”

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Next is Telenovela. The 13-episode single-camera comedy show stars (and is produced by) Eva Longoria. Longoria plays the main character, the diva of a popular telenovela, Ana Maria. Ana Maria as The Hollywood Reporter states, “strives to stay on top in a world where the drama on-camera is nothing compared with what’s happening offscreen.”

Ellen DeGeneres is also getting in the producing game with One Big Happy, starring Elisha Cuthbert and Nick Zano, who are playing best friends Lizzy and Luke. Entertainment Weekly reports on the show’s plot, writing that Lizzy and Luke decide to have a child together before Luke meets his future wife Prudence, whom he marries before she gets deported. Lizzy, though, isn’t the other woman in this situation, at least not in the traditional sense; she’s a lesbian.

Lastly, and probably the most distressing news coming from NBC (as reported by Complex), is the news that they will create a live musical version of The Wiz. What else needs to be said, really? Seeing how awful The Sound of Music and Peter Pan turned out to be, diehard Wiz fans better gird their loins for real. But if I can say anything, at the very least The Wiz is a zany enough movie for an inherently zany live production to work. It’s not like there will be a lot lost in translation when it comes to craziness or crazy-scariness (like those concrete pillar monsters in the abandoned business garage).

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