Want to see Salma Hayek kick booty? Hayek stars in Everly, an Anchor Bay Entertainment and RADiUS release which will be coming to DVD and Blu-ray April 21.



The film stars Hayek as a woman who has to fight off would-be assassins in order to get back to her family.

Trapped in her apartment, Everly (Hayek) is forced to fend off waves of assassins sent by her former lover – a dangerous Yakuza mob boss who wants her dead after he learns she is no longer loyal to him. Desperate to be re-united with her mother and young daughter, Everly must fight to kill her attackers before they destroy her and her family.

Everly is directed by Joe Lynch and written by Yale Hannon from a story by Lynch. The release will have bonus features like commentary tracks by Lynch,  co-producer Brett Hedblom, editor Evan Schiff, cinematographer Steve Gainer and a  music video for the song “Silent Night” by Raya Yarbrough and Bear McCreary and directed by Lynch, commentary by Lynch and co-producer Brett Hedblom and editor Evan Schiff and commentary by Lynch and cinematographer Steve Gainer.

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