FOX’s Minority Report is a show I’ve been on the fence about for a while. Almost as much as Rosewood, but I’ve officially decided that I don’t like that show. What’s got me scared about Minority Report is that I like the show and I want to see where it’s headed, but I don’t know how patient FOX is going to be. 

I know very clearly that FOX is hoping the show becomes Sleepy Hollow, the Second Coming. I mean, they’ve made Lara Vega look exactly like S3 Abbie Mills, complete with leather jacket and chopped hair. It’s almost like FOX wants to confuse the two shows with viewers for ratings. But, as I’ve said on the EW Community, there’s something about Minority Report that reminds me of Sleepy Hollow and Almost Human. But unlike the reasons I listed there (and the reason I didn’t list, like Minority Report having its own Rudy character in the form of the scientist who sympathizes with Dash), there’s another reason I haven’t listed anywhere. Minority Report reminds me a lot of Almost Human in that its developing a loyal, core audience that might get mad once FOX takes Minority Report off the air.

I’m not saying they will (we’re only at the second episode, so anything can happen). But I can already tell that Minority Report is going to be one of FOX’s bubble shows. I think it has a better chance at coming back than the other bubble show, Rosewood, but Minority Report is probably also expensive, despite it being filmed in Vancouver. It’s also straight sci-fi.

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Yes, like Sleepy Hollow, it’s got the procedural element, but so did Almost Human. And also, unlike Almost HumanMinority Report is being shown in its chronological order, which gives the show a better chance than Almost Human. But Minority Report, like Almost Human, is the type of sci-fi that needs time to build an audience. And unless FOX is as committed to Minority Report as they were Sleepy Hollow, I think Minority Report‘s numbers had best stay steady or, better yet, grow, because it’ll need all the brownie points it needs to stay ahead of the Cancellation Bear and not get cut by FOX.

Other than my fears, I think Minority Report is a fun show to watch and a great way to start the jam-packed week of TV viewing. Is it weird that during this week’s episode, “Mr. Nice Guy,” the writers are already pushing hard on the Vega/Dash angle, what with them going to the singles club to stake out their potential killer and victim and finding out they were 51% compatible in the process? To me, they don’t gel well enough yet for me to believe they’d ever get together. Give me some story first, show! Not every black woman-white weird guy partnership is going to be electric like Abbie and Ichabod. It also relies on the actors, and not every show’s casting department is going to go so far as to literally play matchmaker like Sleepy Hollow‘s did.

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What I’m more intrigued by, aside from how Dash’s brother is going to play the monkey wrench between Lara and Dash this season, is what the vision Agatha saw means. Why was Lara looking at the precogs? How involved was she in the Precog Program? Was she involved at all? Also, what role does Dash play in whatever thing Agatha can see? Questions, I haz them.

But what questions do you haz? And do you think Minority Report will last the long haul? Write your opinions in the comments section below.

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Photo credit: Katie Yu / FOX
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