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Last year, Chance Calloway’s webseries Pretty Dudes won me over. In my interview with Calloway, he talked about how much fans appreciated the inclusion and relatability of the first season.

“I’ve been really excited because you never know what you’re going to get. We had pretty much filmed the entire season before the first episode came out…So to put that much blind faith and trust into a project when you don’t know what the response is going to be is a little nerve-wracking,” he said. “But the stories we keep hearing from people is ‘This happened to me’ or ‘This happened to my friend,’ and people who are really appreciating the inclusion in the storytelling. So, that’s positive.”

Calloway hopes to recapture that vibe with the second season of Pretty Dudes, which ups the ante with even more inclusive characters than before.

“Pretty Dudes” is an award-winning web series created by Chance Calloway as a comedic examination of what it is to be a millennial in today’s America. “Pretty Dudes” exists to show the world the way it truly is, in humor and in heartache, with love despite our differences and hope despite our circumstances. Each episode explores masculinity, race, colorism, sexuality, friendships, and the ever-changing rules of attraction.

The series boasts a cast of actors portraying characters of differing creeds, cultures, and sexualities, both abled and disabled alike, and features several up and coming talents, including Bryan Michael Nuñez (“American Vandal”), Yoshi Sudarso (“Power Rangers Dino Charge”), and Xavier Avila, who reprises his award-winning role from our inaugural season.

The rest of the cast includes S1 alums and newcomers alike: Christian Olivo, Kyle Rezzarday, Manny Shih, Joshuah Noah Snel, Aria Song, Tatiana Lee, Chelsea Gray, Stanley Wong, Kelsey Toussant, Marc Fajardo, Stacey Snyder and Tanerélle. As the show’s Seed and Spark page states:

With this multicultural sitcom, we represent the world the way it truly is. Our abled and disabled cast and crew range across across the racial, gender and queer spectrums. We continue to express, in front of and behind the camera, that we see ourselves best when we dare to see each other.

Want to make sure the second season comes to light? Become a backer via Seed and Spark! Calloway and crew are looking to raise $12,000 to make season 2 even better than the first. Some of the incentives include meeting members of the cast and feature as an extra, an exclusive first look at the season premiere, a social media shoutout, a personalized video, and calendars, ranging from artsy photography of the cast to NSFW beefcake pictures (so NSFW that I’ll just link some of the sneak peeks here for you to peruse on your own time).

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The campaign ends March 24, so give if you can before it’s too late!

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