Remember when I mentioned Diba By Dibawssette cushion foundation in my cushion foundation roundup? Guess what? Diba By Dibawssette reached out to me and sent me their latest product, the Diba By Dibawssette Holiday Beauty Calendar, for review!

Diba By Dibawssette sent me the rundown about their advent calendar, which includes a ton of Korean beauty products as well as Dibawssette’s legendary cushion foundation.

Each Holiday Beauty Calendar includes:

A SKIN CARE set, perfect for a skin reset!

  • An african black soap – A staple for acne-free, clear and beautiful skin.
  • A JAYJUN real water brightening black mask – A korean nourishing 3-in-1 face mask.A MAKE-UP combo, perfect to set your base make-up straight!
  • The QUEENDOM Cushion Foundation – Our hybrid skincare and cushion foundation.
  • A magic blender – This little elf will ease makeup application.A FINISHING TOUCHES set for maximum glow up!
  • A liquid body highlighter – Skin brighter than stars and diamonds combined.
  • A glossy lip tint – Eat, drink & kiss all you want, without worrying about smudged lipstick.
  • 3D Mink lashes – Pave the way into any party in a blink of an eye!

It’s a shame I wasn’t able to get the review up before Christmas, but the New Year is still part of the holiday season, and what better way to ring in the new year and a new you with a box of cool products? The calendar is priced at 49.99, so it’s a reasonable amount of money for the sheer amount of products you get.

I was particularly excited by three of the products included in the calendar, the Diba By Dibawssette’s cushion foundation (in Amanirenas 480R for me), the Jayjun real water brightening black mask mask, and the African black soap.

First of all, I’m already an African black soap user via SheaMoisture; I love the soap in both its regular form and as a facial cream mask. Therefore, I was excited to get some more black soap to add to my collection. My favorite reason for using it is because its clarifying and moisturizing for my skin without irritating it. In any case, I already knew I was going to love the African black soap.

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The Jayjun real water brightening black mask was a very positive experience for me. The mask is a three step process–a foaming cleanser, a “snow essence” serum, and the mask itself, which is soaked in its own serum. The entire process was very relaxing and calming. Even better, after the various serums soaked into the skin (which took about an hour to an hour and a half for me), my skin looked like the infamous “glass skin” that’s sweeping Asia. It was glossy, poreless, and smooth. I was stunned. There is a slight tackiness that the serums have as they soak into the skin, but don’t get alarmed; the more they soak in, the less tacky they feel.

Now, the best part of the box for me is the cushion foundation. Up until now, I’d been a diehard Fenty Beauty user because it was the first foundation that actually matched my skintone well (my skintone has a yellow-orange undertone that’s surprisingly hard to match without mixing foundations). However, once I tried the Makeda formulation of Diba By Dibawssette’s foundation, I was instantly hooked. Dare I say that it’s better than Fenty Beauty.

Why? Here are my reasons:

• It’s light coverage: I know there are a lot of makeup fans that want that spackle coverage on their skin. They want the blank canvas look. However, I’m one of the people that just want my skin to look like skin but better. Diba By Dibawssette makes your skin look flawless and even-toned while not caking your face in makeup. I’d describe the coverage not just as “light,” but meaningful. It covers where it needs to cover and is sheer where it needs to be sheer.

• Luminosity: I don’t know how, but somehow the foundation has reflective qualities that allow your skin to look dewy, moisturized and soft. It gives you the appearance of “glass skin” just by dabbing it on your face. I’ve worn the foundation twice now, and each time, I’m stunned at how healthy my skin looks when I wear it. The first time I wore it, both my mom and myself were gagged at how good it looked. If I had recorded the conversation, Diba By Dibawssette could use it as an advertisement, that’s how much we were gushing over this foundation.

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• Simple and beautiful: What’s awesome is that the foundation is simple to use and comes in a beautiful compact. Maybe I’m just an ’80s-’90s kid to the T, but the packaging reminds me of the luxe makeup packaging of the early ’90s. Something about the black and gold together really speaks to my childhood in a good way. Nostalgia is always a win. Looking at the packaging makes me feel expensive. If I had a proper vanity, it would definitely be desk candy. But whether it’s on a bathroom counter or a beautiful vanity, the compact beautifies its surroundings.

In short, I’d highly recommend getting this foundation as well as the calendar set itself. You will have a lot of fun with this set, trying out the beautifying and clarifying products and finding some new favorites. I’ll definitely need to order some more Jayjun masks from Amazon or a K-beauty supplier. And for sure, I’ll be repurchasing Diba By Dibawssette’s foundation from now until infinity.

You can buy your own set at Diba By Dibawsette, but you could also try your hand at getting one for free in my GIVEAWAY!

If you want your own Holiday Beauty Calendar from Diba By Dibawssette, here’s what you need to do:

Follow me @moniqueblognet and answer the following question:

What is your favorite K-drama?

(My favorites so far are Life, Stranger, and Argon; I tend to like procedurals rather than lovey-dovey romantic dramas.)

I’ll run the giveaway until Jan. 11 at 11:59 p.m. CST. I’ll then pick the winner at random and notify them via Twitter DM.

Have fun and good luck!

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