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Exclusive Interview: April Reign Discusses the Effect of #OscarsSoWhite

16 Minutes read

#OscarsSoWhite has been the headlining news topic, and with so many opinions out there about the hashtag and the movement, the one opinion that’s probably the most important to understand is the opinion of the hashtag’s creator herself. April Reign, managing editor of Broadway Black, spoke with JUST ADD COLOR about the creation of #OscarsSoWhite,…

#OscarsSoWhite Gets Academy Results and Old Guard Fallout

16 Minutes read

There has been too much Oscars news lately! Well, complaining is wrong; there’s been just the right amount of Oscars news since it’s actually news affecting change. And in the past 24+ hours, there has been tons of movement (and tons of upset). Here’s what’s happened in four sections. The facts The big fact of the weekend…

#OscarsSoWhite: More Discussion, New Open Letters Published

8 Minutes read

TONS of Oscar news, I tell ya! Tons of it! The battle for diversity in the Oscar nominations has gotten bigger than anyone thought it would get (including me, which might surprise you—I vacillate between cynicism and optimism) . Here’s what’s been happening so far. •Will Smith will not attend the Oscars after all. You can read…

#OscarsSoWhite: The Conversation Continues, More Actors Speak Out

8 Minutes read

Last week, the Oscar nominations came out, and people were livid. A week later, people have gone from just “livid” to “activated by anger.” Injecting my personal opinion for a moment: I’d say being activated by anger is a much more effective state of being rather than just being outraged. Now that folks have become…

#OscarsSoWhite Dominates Oscar Nomination Talk

7 Minutes read

The Oscar nominations have been released, and the talk isn’t about who people want to win, but about why the list of nominees aren’t more diverse. This makes the second year that #OscarsSoWhite has dominated the social media and real world discussions about the highest honor in film, but this year is just one of…

#OscarsSoWhite Channels Frustration with Selma Snub, All White Nominee List

4 Minutes read

I honestly can’t say I’m surprised, given the talk/excuse about the rumored event of the Selma team not sending out screeners (which I don’t completely believe because something seems left out of the story), but I am a little sad that Selma‘s been snubbed at the Oscars.

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