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Rami Malek stuns as Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody” first look image

4 Minutes read

What can I say that this picture can’t say for itself? Rami Malek is going to kill it as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. As you can see from the watermark, the image was first released on what would have been Mercury’s 71st birthday through Entertainment Weekly, and while we still haven’t heard Malek’s vocals (if you’ve…

Dear Hollywood: Make this Met Gala pic of Donald Glover, Riz Ahmed and Rami Malek into a blockbuster

3 Minutes read

The Met Gala has come and gone, and we’ve learned three things: 1. Rihanna is the Queen of the Met Gala Rihanna won. Goodnight! #METGala — Affinity Magazine (@TheAffinityMag) May 2, 2017 2. Kylie Jenner doesn’t get out of bed unless she can copy a black woman Well I mean… — Teen Vogue…

Rami Malek to do the Fandango as Queen’s Freddie Mercury

4 Minutes read

This news is something I’ve had on my proverbial news desk for a while, but it got sidelined by all of this election malarkey. But I’m talking about it now–RAMI MALEK IS PLAYING FREDDIE MERCURY! According to Deadline: Bryan Singer is in talks to direct Bohemian Rhapsody, the long-in-the-works movie about the seminal British rock…

Rami Malek Proves Why He’s The GOAT in ELLE’s September Photoshoot

4 Minutes read

Rami Malek is a personal favorite around these parts, and his latest interview/photoshoot for the September issue of ELLE Magazine, he proves once again why he’s a low-key thought leader as well as a stellar actor. In the interview, Malek talks about how he relates to his Mr. Robot character Elliot. His relationship to the character is…

Why Rami Malek’s 1st Leading Film Role Evokes Omar Sharif

5 Minutes read

This past August, I wrote a rebuttal to The Hollywood Reporter‘s article written around the time of Omar Sharif’s death, titled, “Will Hollywood Ever Produce Another Arab Star Like Omar Sharif?”, and in my article, I wrote that there are plenty of Middle Eastern actors who could be Hollywood’s next Sharif-esque heartthrob, if Hollywood gave them a…

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