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“Fresh off the Boat”: The Long Duk Dong Effect

7 Minutes read

The recent Fresh off the Boat episode, “Good Morning Orlando,” showed the benefits of having a second season. Once a show gets to their second season, especially a show as culturally aware as Fresh off the Boat is, the show’s writers (and perhaps the stars themselves) can start to address things that got on their…

“Fresh Off the Boat” react: Tons of Fun S1 Callbacks

5 Minutes read

Fresh Off the Boat‘s latest episode, “Shaquille O’Neal Motors,” feels like the show’s first real stab at story continuity, and it’s a welcome addition. It was fun hearing the funny moments from the first season come back around in this episode. More like this, please.

“Fresh Off the Boat” Recap: “Boy II Man”

5 Minutes read

This Fresh Off the Boat episode was probably the best episode yet, and the fans seem to agree. Let’s dive into the episode.

“Fresh Off the Boat” recap: “Family Business Trip”

7 Minutes read

I’m finally getting to my Fresh Off the Boat recap! It’s been a long week, and there’s still more new TV to review, but I’m glad to knock out most of my core recapping shows before the new week begins. Speaking of “knock out,” I’d say Fresh Off the Boat knocked it out of the park with…

"Fresh Off the Boat" S1 Post-Mortem Pt. 2: Will Eddie Huang's Voiceovers Stick Around?

7 Minutes read

I’ve thought long and hard over the past few weeks (which were spent not rewatching the series, since I forgot I had to pack for my big move), and I’ve thought about all of my positives and critiques of this season of Fresh Off the Boat. I think most of my criticisms were said in the…

"Fresh Off the Boat" S1 Post-Mortem Pt. 1: Initial Thoughts

8 Minutes read

Last month, I took on the gargantuan challenge of rewatching every episode of Sleepy Hollow and writing down my thoughts. I intend to do the same thing with Fresh Off the Boat. I’m starting the post-mortem off with some initial thoughts about the season and what I’ve learned. 

"Fresh Off the Boat" recap: "So Chineez"

7 Minutes read

The season finale of Fresh Off the Boat has come and gone, and I’m already feeling the void! ABC, you’d better renew Fresh Off the Boat! According to this Vulture interview with Nahnatchka Khan, ABC won’t reveal what’s coming back until next month, so we have a few more days to wait, but I have to agree…

"Fresh Off the Boat" recap: "Dribbling Tiger, Bounce Pass Dragon"

6 Minutes read

Jessica and Louis are stuck with volunteering for the boys’ school’s extracurricular activities. They don’t want to do it, but it was either that or paying money to the school (I’m assuming the PTA). Jessica is tasked with running the school’s inoffensive play, while Louis becomes the coach of the basketball team. Everyone comes away…

"Fresh Off the Boat": Why I Understand Eddie Huang's Angst

14 Minutes read

Author’s note: I discuss Bill Cosby’s characters in I, Spy and The Cosby Show in this article. Please note that me discussing the characters is not an endorsement of Bill Cosby himself. In light of the sexual assault and rape accusations against him, I can’t support him. Now that these allegations have come out, one…

"Fresh Off the Boat" recap: "Very Superstitious"

6 Minutes read

Fresh Off The Boat‘s latest episode, “Very Superstitious,” was also very funny. But the show has made headlines for another reason outside of this being one of the funniest episodes yet. The real Eddie Huang has been tweeting about his displeasure with the show, and I’ll get to that bit of news and my (unsolicited)…

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