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Hollywood’s obsession with toxic masculinity, as seen in “Blade Runner 2049”

23 Minutes read

SPOILERS for Blade Runner: 2049 and a possible TRIGGER WARNING for mentions of rape and sexual assault. Hollywood is still reeling from the revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s abhorrent conduct. Even though Weinstein is being dismissed from various film boards, including the Academy, it begs the question: What about the other men in Hollywood who uphold…

The Munshi: Why “Victoria and Abdul” should focus more on Abdul Karim and the colonialism he faced

7 Minutes read

This post is about Victoria and Abdul, the latest in a long line of “special person of color befriending or otherwise humanizing a cold white woman” films. From the outset, this, a film based on the biography by Shrabani Basu, looks like a Driving Miss Daisy version of a small moment of Queen Victoria’s life….

“Once Upon a Time” angles for black women’s viewership with upcoming season

7 Minutes read

If you’re like me, you probably zoned out on Once Upon a Time sometime between the second and third season, around the time when likeable Sheriff Graham/The Huntsman (played by Fifty Shades of Grey actor Jamie Dornan) was killed and when Cinderella’s fairy godmother was unceremoniously killed by combustion at the beginning of an episode…

Mediaversity Reviews: “Wonder Woman”

7 Minutes read

Original review at Mediaversity Reviews Title: Wonder Woman (2017) Director: Patty Jenkins ???? Writers: Screenplay by Allan Heinberg ?????  and story by Allan Heinberg ?????, Zack Snyder ????, and Jason Fuchs ???? Reviewed by Li ???? Quality: 4/5 Standard fare for a comic book origin story: thrilling action (with standout fight choreography), earnest idealism, and subtle humor. On the flipside,…

Fans create #RenewUnderground and #PickupUnderground in wake of WGN’s shocking cancellation

6 Minutes read

With a move that was a shock to many fans, WGN America cancelled its flagship scripted program Underground. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network cancelled the hit program because of a new direction. In the wake of parent commpany Tribune Media’s $3.9 billion planned acquisition by Sinclair Broadcast Group, the cable network’s future as a…

“Into the Badlands” Season 2 recap: Quinn’s back and creepier than ever

9 Minutes read

Into the Badlands Season 2 | Episode 2, “Force of Eagle’s Claw” | Aired March 26, 2017  Let’s start at the ending this time around: Quinn is a creepy mo-fo. I don’t think I have words that express just how twisted Quinn is. He’s like any twisted plantation owner turned up to 11. Heck, I…

Lewis Tan teases new film “The Fire Born” with director Lexi Alexander

2 Minutes read

If you listened to the Black Girl Nerds podcast episode featuring Iron Fist star Lewis Tan, you might have heard him tease an upcoming film project he’s working on with director Lexi Alexander. This week, Tan has finally released the film’s title and some behind-the-scenes photos on Twitter. The fact that the film’s name is The Fire Born…

Netflix is 3% Closer, but Still Fighting White Supremacy Saviors

15 Minutes read

Eric S.B. Originally published on Nerds of Color At this point, it’s damn near impossible to keep up with the onslaught of Netflix original programming. Along with all of the film and series content, the tentacles of the entertainment Kraken inevitably started reaching out for more international collaborations. Around Thanksgiving we were treated to the…

JUST ADD COLOR is open for sponsorships and advertisements

3 Minutes read

Let’s be honest: One of the things that hampers indie entertainment blogs or just small blogs in general is being able to make money. The challenge creating a self-sustaining blog that can be used as a full-time career has certainly been one of my biggest challenges. But that’s going to change. Starting now, JUST ADD…

Sherlock S4 recap: A cavalcade of WTF?

15 Minutes read

Sherlock Season 4 | “The Final Problem” | Aired Jan. 15, 2017 So…what was that?! Look, let me say upfront for the diehard fans that there were parts of “The Final Problem” that actually started tugging at my heartstrings and had me visibly scared and tense. The treatment of Eurus’ tests was over-the-top (more on that),…