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Rachel Dolezal: Three Reasons Dolezal's Story is the Biggest Mental Puzzle Ever

18 Minutes read

I’ve thought for about a week now on this Rachel Dolezal mess. I’ve read a hellacious amount of articles, looked at videos, and did all types of research without coming to a conclusion. This story has dominated the discussions within my family, meaning I’ve been surrounded by it at every possible level. I’ve wanted to…

Rachel Dolezal News: Dolezal Steps Down from NAACP, Is Now Accused of Plagarizing Art +More

3 Minutes read

This is a news story that just won’t go away. So here’s more about it. 

Rachel Dolezal: More About The Most Confusing Story of 2015

4 Minutes read

Everyone is so befuddled about the Rachel Dolezal story. I don’t think I’ve ever seen America so bewlidered by one story since…the Clinton marriage scandal? Dave Chappelle ending up in Africa? One of those two stories. In any event, here’s what we know so far (which still isn’t a lot):

ICYMI: #RachelDolezal Edition

2 Minutes read

The fervor around Rachel Dolezal has died down a little bit since Thursday and Friday, but the story is still the story that’s perplexed the nation. Of course, something like this couldn’t exist without the thinkpieces. Let’s get into them. 

#RachelDolezal, #AskRachel and #Transracial Break the Internet

10 Minutes read

I literally have no words to describe this story, except that Rachel Dolezal, the president of the Spokane NAACP chapter and Africana Studies professor, is a white woman pretending to be black, and has been living as such for years. Not only that, but she’s pretended her adopted brothers (who are black) are her sons and…

"Dolezal"-ing Strikes Again: Two Native Activists Found to Be Perpetrating Native Identities

5 Minutes read

Just when we hoped the Rachel Dolezal effect would be an anomaly, there are some new stories of other people perpetuating a different heritage to the nth degree. 

MOC Monday: Michael B. Jordan

3 Minutes read

Fantastic Four might be suffering at the box office, but that won’t stop me from supporting Michael B. Jordan’s turn as The Human Torch. 

Exclusive Interview: Dr. Isaiah Pickens

12 Minutes read

After Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and John Crawford III, Eric Garner, the Charleston massacre and now suspicious church burnings that are somehow “weather-related,” yet happening within miles of each other, America is tired. Black America specifically. But with so many problems with policing, gun violence, and the root cause of all of these—racism—to…

Casting News: Adam Rodriguez Coming to "Empire," "The Walking Dead" Franchise Gets New Castmembers and More

2 Minutes read

Okay, let’s talk about something other than Rachel Dolezal for a second. Casting news and whatnot!