“Here we are again—that old familiar place, where the winds will blow…” I think this, lyrics from Whitney Houston’s spectacular “Don’t Cry for Me” is an appropriate way to start out this post, seeing how a lot of Sleepy Hollow fans might feel like they need to start mourning the rest of Season Two.

There’s a slew of new pictures and video from Sleepy Hollow and so far, I feel a little scared about the rest of Season Two. First, here’s the gallery of pictures and some video including AN ANGEL! FINALLY AN ANGEL!

Okay, so now that we’ve seen everything, here are my quick thoughts:

Katrina and Ichabod AGAIN!: I give Ichabod a lot more latitude when it comes to not wanting to kill Henry because who wants to kill their own son, even when they have literally cosigned with Satan? But this thing with Katrina? Bruh.  Get your head in the game. Katrina was macking on Abraham in your stead. “That girl is POISONNNNN!

Sigh. But, we all might be surprised. Katrina and Ichabod might finally end things and just become partners in saving the world. I know I seem eternally hopeful for this show, but if you know anything about the Sophomore Slump, you’ll know that it can be a tough slog, but everyone’s better for it in the end. Lessons have already been learned after the Sleepy Hollow fan uprising, but even more lessons will be learned as we head towards Season Three.

ORION!: Finally, an angel has joined our ranks! Of course, he’d have to be a fallen angel, but he’s an angel nonetheless. And awesomely enough, he’s interested in Abbie. Or rather, Abbie’s interested in him. Well, they’re both interested in each other. There.

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At first I thought Orion was going to be black or some other minority actor, because if you haven’t noticed, Sleepy Hollow has a pattern of making minority actors the good guys and white actors the bad guys. But finally, we have a good white guy aside from Hawley and Ichabod! However, in full disclosure, I’d hoped he’d be black since we haven’t had a black angel since Denzel Washington in The Preacher’s Wife and Della Reese in Touched by an Angel. We need more black angels!

In any event, I’m very excited to see what Orion brings to the party. If he’s a fallen angel, he obviously broke some rule, which puts him in a precarious position — as I discovered in my research on angels, God doesn’t give angels second chances. I assume because he figures they should know the right things to do anyway, unlike us lowly humans.

New clothes (but new hair?): The new clothes and hair is something interesting. The clothes? Great. I love that Ichabod is now wearing pants, as if he’s moving along with the times he was living in in real time (he was living in 1781 at the time of his “death”, and pre-1800s/Regency  styles were just coming into play). The hipster bun, though? Hmmm….

I already know Katrina was going to love modern times, so I’m not surprised she has taken to it as well as she has in terms of clothing. Did she make Ichabod get that hipster bun? Is this just a further extent of her evil? (I kid, some, if not most, hipster buns look great. Others are like Ichabod’s).

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Will the Abbie-Ichabod dynamic come back to full force?: Seeing pictures of Katrina and Ichabod together leave a lot to be desired, but we’ve been promised more of Abbie and Ichabod together, more of them fighting the good fight with the mental and physical language they’ve cultivated for themselves.

The one thing I will say in favor of Ichatrina is that Katrina is directly or indirectly forcing Ichabod to see her as a person, not as a damsel, which is something he’s been doing at a cost to Abbie’s own womanhood. However, Ichabod’s lack of “damsel eyes” for Abbie is in the fact that he trusts her completely to be able to do whatever they have to do and come out of it unscathed. Katrina being out on her own will also force her to toughen up a bit and actually act like the bada** witch she’s been proclaimed to be.

And also, having Katrina stand on her own two feet without literally falling over them will finally give Ichabod a chance to make amends to Abbie and focus his attention on her, which is where it really needs to be. I’m not even including shipping in this this; Ichabod and Abbie have to be focused on each other because they are the only two people ordained to save the world.

Okay, enough of this! What do you think about everything that’s come out so far? Give your opinions below!

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