This week, I’m honoring Jane the Virgin star Gina Rodriguez!

Rodriguez has stated before how she’s very adamant about picking roles that don’t exalt stereotypes of Latina women. She’s hoping that her work will be able to help change the game for Latinos who want to see themselves portrayed fairly in the media. As she said to Entertainment Weekly:

I would tell [people] there are two things that are important to me: changing the way Latinos are viewed in the indsutry and in media becuase the way I saw my culture was poor. Not poor like economically, but in a poor light. And that’s not true. I’m sitting here with two older sisters who are killing the game in their industry, and I don’t see that on TV. I don’t see them included in what’s in TV, on film. I want to make sure that every role I do contributes to that greater role. And I want to change beauty norms. I want to change the way people see beauty.

You can also see her discuss representation in the media during her Golden Globes acceptance speech. Hers was one of the best speeches of the night.

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What do you love about Gina Rodriguez? Sound off in the comments section!

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