In the latest How to Get Away with Murder episode, “Skanks Get Shanked,” stuff happened. Now I’m tired. 

No, just kidding. I am tired at the time of this react, but there was more than just “stuff” that happened. I’ll discuss the “stuff” in bulleted points, because the story is going to happen once we get the mystery of who shot Annalise and why.

• We are closer to finding out who did kill Annalise (at least for a second when she flatlined) since we now that that not just Wes and Nate are in on the event, but also all of the Keating Five except for Asher (AGAIN). How many times are these kids going to kill people? And how are they doing all of this extracurricular stuff and still in school with good grades?

• Annalise asks Michaela to investigate the siblings to make sure they weren’t doing the do, and then Michaela falls in love with the brother. But she’s got a boyfriend (Rebecca’s foster brother, unbeknownst to Michaela, but “knowsnt” to Wes)! So what happens to the boyfriend? What’s going to happen between Michaela and the brother? We do know that he’s in on the Annalise murder plot, but what part is he playing in it? But let’s look at the silver lining—there’s no twincest! But, why was it even called “twincest”? They aren’t biologically twins!

• Annalise gets a call from Nate’s wife, who’s still sick in the hospital. She asks Annalise to kill her so she can be out of her misery and pain and she nearly comes close to manipulating Annalise into doing what she wanted her to do. Mrs. Leahy really plays a tough guilt trip card, bringing up how she was the one to convince Nate to keep having the affair because she couldn’t give him what he needed and how her life has gone down the tubes due to her illness. She nearly gets the pills, but Annalise comes to her senses by saying that if Annalise herself is still alive after being a horrible human being, Mrs. Leahy surely deserves to live. I thought for sure that this episode was going to make a case for assisted suicide, since it likes taking on issues like that, but the episode also did show Annalise’s humanity through her self-loathing. In Annalise’s mind, she’s not worthy of the life she has, so someone who has lived a worthy life should think of themselves as higher than her.

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• I’m actually on Team Connor with revealing the phone video to the other side. Of course, Annalise puts him back in line (for now), but Connor has a point about Annalise winning cases at all costs, even when it’s immoral to do so. It does seem like Connor’s grown a conscience since dating Oliver. He does want to be a better person because of him, and that’s quite interesting to see. Because of Oliver, Connor’s no longer a selfish Lothario. But because he’s still a bit of an awful person, Connor’s new morality is probably what compelled him to be a part of the plot to kill Annalise. The last conversation Connor had with Annalise seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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• Nate and Wes’ partnership has been found out by Annalise, who was visiting Mrs. Leahy just as Nate was. Nate was right; it wasn’t safe for Wes to come to the hospital all unannounced. Now Annalise is going to have to shake Wes down for the scoop. How is she going to do that, I wonder?

• We now know who killed Sam: Bonnie. Or did we know that last season? I forget. But it seemed like a big reveal, so I’m assuming we didn’t know that last season. She reveals this to Asher, who is in his own bit of hot water (whatever that could be). So now what’s Asher going to do with this information? Up until now, he’s been uninvolved in the Keating group’s web of lies and murder. How’s he going to feel when he finds out about all of the cover-ups that have been going on under his nose?

What did you think of the episode? Give your opinions in the comments section below.

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