Rich Lowe and Michael Jai White in Come Out Fighting (Photo credit: Screen Media Films)

Now in theaters is Come Out Fighting, the untold story of the 761st Tank Battalion known as “the Black Panthers.”

The word “untold” regarding African Americans in any aspect of American history always bothered me. Particularly as to how much Black Americans throughout the former parts of American history before the Civil Rights Movement were judged on color and seen as less human. Now, thankfully, many of these stories of heroic African Americans overcoming impossible odds are being shown and read in various mediums. The story of “The Black Panthers” in Come Out Fighting is one of them. Here is the official description: 

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Set during WWII, in this military adventure, a small, specialized squad of U.S. Army African American soldiers are sent on an unofficial rescue mission behind enemy lines to locate their missing commanding officer. The squad upon battling their way through the German defenses encounter more then they bargain for when they locate a downed U.S. Army fighter pilot. With the help of their friends at the 761st tank battalion, known as “The Black Panthers,” the squad must find a way to survive and make it back in one piece.

The movie stars Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight), Tyrese Gibson (The Fast and The Furious franchise), Kellan Lutz (The Twilight Saga), Hiram A. Murray (Operation Seawolf), and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV)
The film is written and directed by Steven Luke (Operation Seawolf, Battle of the Bulge: Winter War) and produced by Luke, Dean Bloxom, and Andre Relis.

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