Charity Lawson talks with Extra about her time on The Bachelorette. (Photo credit: Extra)

The June 26 premiere of The Bachelorette has been one for the ages with new Bachelorette (and one of the few Black Bachelorettes of the franchise), Charity Lawson.

She also talked about what it’s been to rely on her therapy training to help her cope with the many challenges that come with being a Bachelorette.

The following interview from Extra is below.


Opening up about falling for multiple people, she said, “You see me obviously vocalize being in love with two people. It’s a lot, so I never obviously imagined that I would be in the position for that to happen, but it happens.”

In her professional life, Charity is a therapist. She told Extra her background helped her as the Bachelorette, saying, “I truly credit a lot of my coping mechanisms, like my ability to regulate my emotions in high-intensity moments, definitely to my background as a therapist, but also how I navigate and approach these relationships. I think I have a little bit of an insight of how to approach people, how to approach conversations. I pride myself on being an active listener, good communicator.”

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Charity also talked about an epic Bachelorette first — having her older brother go undercover with the guys on night one!

“When I saw him get out the limo, that was truly… everything. You see me — I’m floored, truly. I hit the floor… jaw on the ground. Having him there was such a calming reassurance for me, but also I was a little nervous because I had no idea what he was going to be up to, but I knew he was here to protect me… Obviously, him getting the insight on what these guys were up to and if they were here for the right reasons, we should say, was very, very useful for me.”

Charity said of her brother working as a bartender, “Hearing all these conversations, conversations that I’m missing out on, maybe some other things that are shared with him that weren’t shared with me so, yeah, we see it all.”

Melvin asked her, “What was the scariest part of this experience?

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Lawson said, “Just connecting with multiple people and realizing, ‘Oh, okay, like, you can have chemistry with a lot of people but also that chemistry can flourish to something that’s really profound…’ Being in a place where I’m having very strong feelings from multiple people is so, so scary, so weird.”

Admitting she did feel pressure, Lawson said, “With the history of the franchise… just even leaving here and potentially in a relationship it’s like, these relationships don’t really last all the time, and so for me I knew I came in with this purpose… I really wanted to find someone that I’m going to connect… I really wanted to make sure I was following my intuition, following my gut, and truly choosing the best person for me.”

The Bachelorette premieres June 26 on ABC.


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