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 NBC’s The Irrational is back with episode nine. It seems like it’s getting close to some conclusion of this first season. There are also some interesting character developments happening in this episode. How does all of this add up? Well, here’s the scoop for Alec Mercer’s (Jessie L. Martin) latest case of the week.

THE IRRATIONAL — “Cheating Life” Episode 109 — Pictured: Steven Allerick as Vincent Lee — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

It begins with Mercer’s sister Kylie (Travina Springer) watching live streams of extreme health guru Vincent Lee (Steven Allerick). An acquaintance Mercer knew long ago and had a similar work-alcoholics behavior that had gone too far to the point when he had spread misinformation about the practices of Western medicine. He owns a new-age health supplement for long-lasting life known as Paradigm. During his latest livestream, Vincent suddenly gets run over by a car on film. He and his sister to get involved with Detective Morgan Hall (Paloma Nozicka) assisting in the investigation. 

THE IRRATIONAL — “Cheating Life” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Travina Springer as Kylie, Jesse L. Martin as Alec Mercer — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Mercer and his sister attend Vincent’s funeral and meet his wife Tori (Brittany Mitchell), explains that Lee may have rubbed a competitor the wrong way. A spokesperson for the competition was a man named Derek Mitchell (Graeme Duffy). Mercer plans to learn more about despite his sister insisting that “it’s always the wife” scenario.To learn more about Lee’s bitter brawl between him and his competitor Mitchell, he enlists Phoebe (Molly Kunz) to pose as a pharmaceutical company owner to squeeze more information about what happened before Lee’s murder. He reveals that Lee had hired a bodyguard and believes he might have done the deed. 

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THE IRRATIONAL — “Cheating Life” Episode 109 — Pictured: Brittany Mitchell as Tori — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

With this new information, Mercer and Co. find out about Lee’s bodyguard, Johan who was missing for a few hours after Lee’s death. The car that killed him belonged to Tori who confessed that she had been sleeping with the bodyguard but had no intention to kill Vincent. After a brief cyber sleuthing, Mercer and Co. decided to go to Johan’s apartment address provided by Tori during Hall’s interrogation. They happen to find Johan’s friend, Aaron (Matt Afonso) who has Johan’s information. It leads to the realization that he may not have left America but made purchases in Long Island. The gang discovers that Johan lives in a big mansion, suggesting he is receiving some money somewhere. Mercer used an old landline trick to learn that Johan was the last to make a call to a cancer hospital. 

THE IRRATIONAL — “Cheating Life” Episode 109 — Pictured: Steven Allerick as Vincent Lee — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

It is revealed that Vincent is alive in chemotherapy with Johan killed in the footage. He managed to hire him because he was a fan and, he looked like a younger version of him. He then uses Tori’s car to run him over so badly that no one can recognize him. In addition, his Paradigm health supplement failed and gave him cancer. His crime of shameful arrogance in disregarding regular Western medicine for a health supplement that might kill him. Mercer hands him over to Officer Hall to be arrested and the case is solved. Mercer convinces Kylie to spark a romantic interest in Hall as they slowly bond throughout the investigation. During the episode, Mercer’s divorcee/FBI agent Marissa Clark (Maahra Hill), and her partner/boyfriend Jace Richards (Brian King) continue their investigation of the church bombing. Clark probes into the incumbent Senator Sanford (James Tupper) who learns that he gained sympathy votes resulting in his victory. Unbeknownst to Clark, it appears she’s being recorded by a suspicious person or persons who fear that the FBI agents know too much.

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THE IRRATIONAL — “Cheating Life” Episode 109 — Pictured: Paloma Nozicka as Morgan — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

It was a good episode that once again put Kylie in the forefront of this episode. She has more character development since she has found a new romantic interest despite her dislike of cops. Mercer convinces her that “sometimes we got to break the rules” to meet someone else. Newcomer Morgan Hall is another fun character to spice things up in this show. The ending of this episode suggests that the conclusion is rearing its head. Audiences will have to tune in to see what happens next week!

Rating: 4/5

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