Welcome back! I’m here to talk about The Color Purple 2023 Musical Movie. I’ve enjoyed the Steven Spielberg 1985 original and started to understand the significance of it in the realm of Black Entertainment. After watching, I wondered, ‘Why did they make a musical adaptation of this’? Well, yours truly was in a Christmas musical in college called Amal and the Night Visitors, and it piqued my interest in watching it. After watching the newest iteration, I can say it is an enjoyable adaptation for the next generation. 

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

The plot is essentially the same. Celie (Younger Celie—Phylicia Pearl Mpasi), Adult Celie—Fantasia Barrino) and Nettie (Younger Nettie—Hailey Bailey, Adult Nettie—Ciara) are inseparable until their dad gives the former to Mister (Colman Domingo). She endures years of traumatic abuse from him until she finally stands up to Mister and eventually reunites with her long-lost sister.

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

This is a great film to watch. It retreads the original movie while stamping its own identity with a musical set piece peppered throughout the movie. It remixes some scenes from the original like the Shug Avery serenade song and the relationship between Celie and Shug (Taraji P. Henson). There is a lot of care being put into this movie to be uplifting and joyful to watch Black Excellence on screen. 

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Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

Cellie was astounding to watch, especially Fantasia herself. Similar to Whoopi Goldberg’s original iteration, Fantasia’s Cellie grows to stand up to Mister and declares that she is beautiful no matter what man says about her. Fantasia’s singing and performance were so good that hopefully she does get nominated for an Academy Award. She deserves it.

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

Other recognizable characters were also great in their musical adaptation. Henson’s Shug Avery is as sexy and charismatic as the original iteration. Henson herself can sing pretty well, and she gave a great performance. Sofia portrayed by Danielle Brooks has a lot more spunk as well given that this version has a more theatrical flair to her character. Corey Hawkins’ Harpo is pretty decent since it’s practically the same Harpo from the original movie. H.E.R. portrays “Squeak” and gives a serviceable performance despite having to do very little besides retreading her character arc from the original film.

Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

‘Mister’ is back portrayed by Colman Domingo. And he is as nasty and mean-spirited as ever. Aside from threatening Nettie with a shotgun this time around, and playing the banjo, his character arc is similar to Danny Glover’s iteration. However this time, he becomes more involved after his abusive arc is done, and is invited to their Easter Dinner Celebration near the climax. This all happens after he gathers all the money to bring Celie’s extended family back to America which is still cathartic to see Mister redeem himself. 

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Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures/New Line Cinema

The Color Purple 2023 Musical is a joyous experience that snuggly fits side by side with the 1985 original film. It keeps the spirit of that film alive and pumping with vigor, heartbreak, enthusiasm, and hope for people to be good with their spouses and people everywhere. One criticism is that some of the musical set pieces kind of diminish the seriousness that the original film had maintained. Criticism aside, it is a pleasant watch for the next generation of Black Americans to be kind and respect each other’s company. 

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