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10 of the Funniest Lines from “Gods of Egypt” Reviews

3 Minutes read

Gods of Egypt is already Hollywood’s first flop, but it’s more than that. It’s a rallying cry for those who know how important it is for whitewashing to end. (However, quiet as it’s kept, Gods of Egypt is also a rallying cry for those who just like good movies; have you seen the awful special effects?)…

“Gods of Egypt” Whitewashed Trailer and Posters Look Comical

4 Minutes read

Gods of Egypt has been a much-belabored film like Exodus: Gods and Kings, and like Exodus, expect it to fail big time. 

Egypt and Morocco Ban "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

2 Minutes read

Exodus: Gods and Kings has had a rough road. Hundreds (probably thousands) of people rose up in arms over the inaccurate casting of the film, with the hashtag #BoycottExodusMovie. The film had a lousy opening weekend and has since fallen off the map domestically. Now, the film is facing even more heat from Egypt and Morocco….

What the New Study on Ancient Egypt Says About Media Representation

9 Minutes read

Science and the fight for representation in the media has intertwined in a brand new study coming from Germany. The study focuses specifically on ancient Egypt. What the scientists have to say about their findings could give Hollywood food for thought, if they decide to dissect the scientists’ results. What the DNA discovery actually is…

Why "Top Five" should win the box office battle over "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

8 Minutes read

This Friday is going to be one of the biggest social justice weekends for movies. Why? Because, as the Universe would have it, Hollywood is ironically playing host to the best and worst of Hollywood’s tendencies when it comes to minorities in films.

"Exodus: Gods and Kings": Why Rupert Murdoch (and all involved) are wrong

8 Minutes read

Whenever I wonder, “What am I writing all this stuff for?” (since we all have moments of doubt), it’s news articles like the one from The Wrap that reminds me that I am doing my civic duty on my little corner of the internet by exposing the inherent racial (or blatant racial) bias in America.

JUST ADD COLOR’s Rumi Online Roundtable with Mihrimah Irena, Rana Tahir, Imran Siddiquee, Nora Rahimian and Evadney Petgrave

19 Minutes read

Jalal al-Din Mohammad Balkhi, the Sufi mystic and popular 13th century Persian poet better known as Rumi, is going to become a Hollywood superstar. Great; we’re getting diversity in storytelling, right? It would appear that it’s only a mirage. Despite the film focusing on a popular Middle Eastern historical figure, and despite screenwriter David Franzoni stating that he’s…

JUST ADD COLOR’s “Ghost in the Shell” and “Dr. Strange” Online Roundtable featuring Claire Lanay and Keith Chow

27 Minutes read

Ghost in the Shell and Dr. Strange are two of the latest in a litany of projects in Hollywood that have whitewashed and otherwise erased Asian identity from film. The films have been an issue for as much as a year in advance (or, in Ghost in the Shell’s case, longer) before their initial releases,…

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