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Exclusive Interview: Rafael de la Fuente (“Empire”)

8 Minutes read

Oct. 21st’s episode of Empire, “Be True,” featured Andre trying to get his soul right with his family, himself, and with God ultimately, but one of the other developments of the night was Michael getting with that artist guy and later discovered by Jamal, who was about to tell Michael he could come on tour with…

“Empire” react: Standard Episode, But Why Low Ratings?

3 Minutes read

The latest Empire episode, “Poor Yorick,” had classic Empire shenanigans, and I do mean “shenanigans.” Hakeem and Jerk Jamal fighting on the set of the awesome Black Panther-in-the-future music video. Lucious and Cookie being lovers at war. Cookie selling out Lucious again after facing the possibility of going to jail again. Andre and Rhonda digging up…

“Empire” react: Jamal’s Still a Jerkwad

5 Minutes read

It seems like every Empire react I’ll be making this year will be “Jamal’s a big jerk.” And he is still a jerk in the latest episode, “Fires of Heaven.” Like, I get that Lucious is a the king of jerks. But Lucious seemed like he never had a chance to be anything other than a…

“Empire” Season 2 react: The State of Jamal & Lucious’ Empire

4 Minutes read

Empire‘s latest episode, “Without a Country,” left me with some thoughts, thoughts that you probably shared as you watched and live-tweeted. The main thought being that Jamal probably doesn’t know how to run a company. 

“Empire” recap: “The Devils Are Here”

6 Minutes read

Empire is just as crazy as we remember it, if not crazier. I don’t know how the writers managed to top themselves from last season, but they did. 

QUIZ: Which “Empire” Artist Are You?

1 Minute read

Empire’s season two premiere left me for a loop! It’s currently in my rewatch queue so I can finally get my recap up on the site (I’m sure you’re wondering what I thought about Cookie being in an ape suit in a cage, why Anika was inexplicably called “Anita,” and  “Anita’s” subsequent twerk-session with Mimi.)…