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Trailers, Promos and Posters: "Star Wars," "The Last Witch Hunter," "Concussion" + More

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I’ve got some trailers, posters and promos for you guys! Some of this is from earlier this month, so forgive me for being behind on some of these things. 

Casting News: "Fantastic Beasts," "Scooby Doo," Josephine Baker + More

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I’ve had a ton of movie casting news that flooded my inbox and Twitter feed last week, and I am only just now able to get to everything. So let’s get into everything. 

Trailers, Promos, and Posters

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Tons of videos and posters and multimedia!

Casting News: Adam Rodriguez Coming to "Empire," "The Walking Dead" Franchise Gets New Castmembers and More

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Okay, let’s talk about something other than Rachel Dolezal for a second. Casting news and whatnot!

Fantasy Casting: Who Could Play Hadji in Robert Rodriguez's "Jonny Quest" Adaptation?

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News of a Jonny Quest movie has been around for years. I think the first time I heard about a Jonny Quest movie was in the works was in the early ’00s and again in 2010, when Zac Efron was still a teenager and Dwayne Johnson was still “The Rock,” making his way in the movie…

What's Happening: Native Fashion, Minnesota's First Hijab-Wearing Police Officer, Asian Protesters Stand with Akai Gurley and More

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Here’s what happened this week and last week and maybe the week before that. 

Trailers, Promos and Posters: "Star Wars," "Fantastic Four," "Terminator Genisys," "Batman vs Superman" and more

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There were so many trailers coming out this weekend that it was hard to keep track of everything!

Casting News: Nat Turner Movie in the Works, "Suicide Squad" Update, New Projects from Baz Luhrmann and Spike Lee, Hawkgirl cast

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There’s quite a bit of casting news from this and last week. Here we go. 

"Furious 7" Audience Mostly Non-White, Will Affect Future Casting Calls

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It would seem that the diversity renaissance happening on TV has finally made its way to the movies. I say “finally” even though we’ve had tons of black films come out in recent years. But black films doesn’t mean all of diversity is shown, right? However, with the audience results for Furious 7, a film with…