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Casting News: "Ghostbusters" and "Star Trek 3" First Looks + Much More

3 Minutes read

I’ve been lagging on casting news! I’m sure there’s been more than this, but here’s what I’ve stashed up over the weeks.

Rami Malek Proves Why He’s The GOAT in ELLE’s September Photoshoot

4 Minutes read

Rami Malek is a personal favorite around these parts, and his latest interview/photoshoot for the September issue of ELLE Magazine, he proves once again why he’s a low-key thought leader as well as a stellar actor. In the interview, Malek talks about how he relates to his Mr. Robot character Elliot. His relationship to the character is…

CW’s “Riverdale” Takes Archie Comics Out of the 1940s

10 Minutes read

As you will see in a few days on JUST ADD COLOR, I am a huge Archie Comics aficionado. Back in the mid ’90s, when I was still in middle school, I happened to pick up an Archie Comics digest from the grocery store, and fell in love with these kids’ hijinks and the art…

Want More From JUST ADD COLOR? Read COLORBLOCK Magazine!

3 Minutes read

JUST ADD COLOR is in the process of growing in 2016, and one of the ways we’re doing that is by creating COLORBLOCK Magazine, a monthly magazine that features more of the content JUST ADD COLOR has already—analyzing how race and culture are perceived in entertainment, and how those messages affect how we see ourselves….

“Fresh off the Boat”: The Long Duk Dong Effect

7 Minutes read

The recent Fresh off the Boat episode, “Good Morning Orlando,” showed the benefits of having a second season. Once a show gets to their second season, especially a show as culturally aware as Fresh off the Boat is, the show’s writers (and perhaps the stars themselves) can start to address things that got on their…

"Fresh Off the Boat": Why I Understand Eddie Huang's Angst

14 Minutes read

Author’s note: I discuss Bill Cosby’s characters in I, Spy and The Cosby Show in this article. Please note that me discussing the characters is not an endorsement of Bill Cosby himself. In light of the sexual assault and rape accusations against him, I can’t support him. Now that these allegations have come out, one…