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Get to know about Kris Wu, the first Chinese artist to reach No. 1 on iTunes

3 Minutes read

Rapper, model, and actor Kris Wu is making waves in America as the first Chinese artist to reach the top spot on the US iTunes charts with his single DESERVE, a collaboration between him and Travis Scott. Wu, who moved to Vancouver as a kid, has blown up since his time in K-pop boy band juggernaut…

With BTS’ AMAs debut, America finally wakes up to the power of the Asian pop star 

9 Minutes read

It’s been a long time coming for K-pop fans, especially the ardent fans of boy band BTS. In May, the group snatched up the Billboard Music Award for Top Social Artist, beating out stateside mainstays like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. Their win served as a prelude to their biggest moment…

4 Reasons the All Nations Network Will Be What American Television Needs

9 Minutes read

Guess what, everyone? Canada’s Aboriginal People’s Television Network (APTN) is launching a sister channel in the United States! APTN is launching All Nations Network sometime this year. The 24-hour channel will be, as the press release states, “the first network to bring both native and non-native audiences in the U.S.”,  providing “native news, sports, scripted,…

Casting News: More POCs Coming to TV, a Bruce Lee biopic in the Works

7 Minutes read

The title says it all. A lot of people are in a lot of things now that Hollywood has declared diversity the New Best Thing. Because life wasn’t diverse before, apparently. Let’s just get into who’s going to be seen in what and what we can expect from that Bruce Lee biopic.

Black-Asian Relations in “Fresh Off the Boat,” Wu-Tang, Bruce Lee, and Manhood

6 Minutes read

Two phrases stuck out to me while watching Fresh Off the Boat episode, “The Shunning”: “Real life isn’t a rap video, Eddie.”-Emery “I couldn’t just search ‘Asian Kids who like hip hop’!”-Eddie Not to mention the vast amount of hip hop that makes up the show.

Interview Rewind: "Wedding Palace" Co-Screenwriter Robert Gardner

5 Minutes read

Originally posted on in 2013.  Wedding Palace, directed by Christine Yoo and written by Robert Gardner and Derek Draper and starring Brian Tee, Hye-jeong Kang, Bobby Lee, Jean Yoon and Margaret Cho, is a film that has charm, humor, and tons of sweet likability. The film is also unique–even though the film is one that’s about Korean…