Tons of TV news to discuss! There’s so much of it that it’s overwhelming, so I’m just going to limit it to the shows that I recap heavily on this site, EmpireSleepy Hollow and Fresh Off the Boat. I do recap black-ish for Entertainment Weekly; since I do recap it, let me just state upfront that black-ish has been renewed for a second season. Okay, onto the stuff that COLOR recaps. 

Empire is coming back, and after the insane freakout everyone had over it last season, how could it not? But not only is Empire coming back, but it’s going to have Ne-Yo join Timbaland in the song department! We all thought the first season’s songs were tight, but this season, it’s really going to be out of control!

Also, Empire will have 18 episodes instead of 12 and will be split in half, complete with midseason finales, I’m sure.

Empire is keeping its Wednesday night airing (“We’d be crazy to move it,” said Fox chairman and CEO Gary Newman said to TV reporters, states Entertainment Weekly). Sleepy Hollow, however, has been moved from Monday to Thursday, with its former spot taken by Minority Report.

The Monday pimp slot going to a new show seems like a demotion for Sleepy Hollow, or more like punishment for having such a sucky second season. But really, it’s probably more like a show having to earn its goodwill back since Fox has probably lost some of it’s trust in the show. It’s going to have to work hard, since not only is it on Thursday, but it’s on after Bones, a show that couldn’t be more opposite of it in terms of procedurals. (Speaking of Bones, I thought that show had it’s final season three seasons ago. Why is this show still on?)

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Entertainment Weekly seems to think the Thursday move is a good thing, since they seem to be of the mindset that Fox still thinks its got a rabid enough fanbase to go up against ABC’s TGIT lineup. I guess. It could be. It could not be. To me, it just seems like Fox has let Sleepy Hollow loose in the wilderness to find its way back, like Hansel and Gretel (or, for the Dragonball Z fans, when Gohan was left alone in the wild by Piccolo). Only the strong (i.e. the shows who pull in beaucoup ratings) survive on Fox, and Sleepy Hollow’s got to show it can still pull its weight. If we thought Season 2 was the gauntlet, Season 3 will certainly be one that will make or break the show’s chances of coming back for that all-important and syndication-worthy Season 4.

I could have sworn somewhere on this site, I wrote about the possibility of Sleepy Hollow possibly moving to Friday; at this point in time, I can’t find it, but I believe I wrote about it on Twitter a lot of months ago. In any case, those of us who felt a move in the winds were right.

Let’s not even mention the fact that Orlando Jones is gone from the show! But he’s  not gone far, thank goodness. 

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You can read more about Fox’s new schedule here.

Fresh Off the Boat is back, including other shows that I watch but might not recap, like Marvel’s Agent CarterThere’s no word on a elongation of its season ala Empire, but whether it gets 18 episodes or just sticks to 13, I’m glad its back. There are some recommendations I would make to Fresh Off the Boat in order for the second season to be even better than the first, but that’s coming up later today as well.

Interestingly enough, there wasn’t any new news on How to Get Away with Murder, another show that is recapped on COLOR, except that it’s coming back. But that was announced during the season finale so, there you go.

There are tons of post out there giving you even more information than this, but hopefully, this will clue you in as to what COLOR will be focusing on next season. I’m in the middle of  making my first ever editorial schedule (I usually just do week-by-week things, but this time, I’m being official!) so I’ll make sure to update COLOR with the full recapping schedule.

What do you think of all the TV news? Give your opinions in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Chuck Hodes/FOX

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