Donnie Yen is best known for his role in the iconic Ip Man, but now, Ip Man might be going to into outer space. 

Some early reports are saying that Yen is flying to London to shoot some scenes for Star Wars: Episode VIII-The Force Awakens. Not only that, but Yen could also be appearing in the standalone film Star Wars: Rogue One. However, according to TwitchFilm, it’s currently unclear if he will appear in both or if he’s just appearing in Rogue One, since director Gareth Edwards has been hoping to get Chinese actors for that particular film.

IGN astutely points out that Chinese actors are now being sought out more by Hollywood in the hopes of creating films that get both American and Chinese box office money. Since China is now topping Hollywood when it comes to the box office money, it makes sense. In fact, since Hollywood is trying to get that Chinese money, I’m surprised they haven’t hired Yen before; Yen is one of the biggest names in kung fu and has fans on both sides of the world. With movies like Ip Man being such cult classics in the States, Yen is sure to have stable Hollywood footing once given the chance.

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Screenshot of Yen in Ip Man

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