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"Sleepy Hollow": Why Shorter Seasons Are Better

5 Minutes read

I’ve been seeing some worry about Sleepy Hollow, especially since the ratings ticked down to the lowest they’ve ever been. The fear can be summed up in this tweet by Shadow and Act: Last night’s “Sleepy Hollow” episode fell 14% from previous week to series low – double what it fell week before. Headed for cancellation? —…

Latin Cuisine to Battle it Out on CNBC's "Restaurant Startup"

3 Minutes read

Who here loves watching CNBC’s Restaurant Startup? The challenge of owning and running a business always makes for great drama, and Tuesday, two more businesses are going at it to make their culinary dreams a reality.

"Selma": NYC Schoolkids To See Film, Featurette Shows David Oyelowo's Transformation into MLK

6 Minutes read

There’s a lot of Selma news to discuss, so let’s just dive right into it.

Hip Hop's Frustration with Iggy Azalea

9 Minutes read

It’s been a trying few days for TI’s protege, Iggy Azalea. However, it’s not like many people (myself included) have that much sympathy for her.  But before I get into any opinions, here’s what’s been going down in the hip hop world.

Why "Top Five" should win the box office battle over "Exodus: Gods and Kings"

8 Minutes read

This Friday is going to be one of the biggest social justice weekends for movies. Why? Because, as the Universe would have it, Hollywood is ironically playing host to the best and worst of Hollywood’s tendencies when it comes to minorities in films.

"Exodus: Gods and Kings": Why Rupert Murdoch (and all involved) are wrong

8 Minutes read

Whenever I wonder, “What am I writing all this stuff for?” (since we all have moments of doubt), it’s news articles like the one from The Wrap that reminds me that I am doing my civic duty on my little corner of the internet by exposing the inherent racial (or blatant racial) bias in America.